Our rates

 Acquainted with an escort girl in Moscow
1 hour $200 - €180 - 15000 rub
2 hours$350 - € 300 - 25000 rub
3 hours$500 - € 450-  37000 rub
additional hour$150 - 11000rub
Full night $1000 - 74000 rub

Moscow escort service rates

You can check current exchange rate on the Internet. Accepting USD ( $), EURO ( €), Russian rubles (₽)

***Some girls available for a minimum honorarium of 350$ a couple of hours and not available for an hour date. 

For longer bookings and any special requirements please speak to our operator. Payment terms are that all fees should be paid cash in full to the lady at the commencement of an assignment.


Sex service from escort girls in Moscow♥ Experience / Service

Basic experience:

Girlfriend experience, GFE, Tet-at-tet romantic meeting with model

Private escort visit, Escort to restaurant, Dress code 

Cuddling, Private dance, Sexy lingerie, high hills, Private dance

Light massage, erotic massage, Feet fetish.

Some girls offer extra pleasures. 

The price depends on the discretion of the girl.



About  Moscow escort girls working in the best escort agency in MoscowAre the rates negotiable do you have discounts?
  • The fee of the Moscow escort agency isn't cheap and isn't expensive, affordable. Escort services in our perception are more than a service. It's beauty, art, passion – all in one bottle! That's fair! 
  • We offer time for decent, distinguished, VIP gentleman wish to meet a good looking and friendly girl.
  • In Moscow you can find a variety of prices, as in other big cities, it all depends on what kind of girl you wish to meet.  Well, let's talk about the details.  


Appearance. Good looking girls with a nice shape, do sports. Always pleasure to see, to be with, to touch.   Nice smelling, without the smell of tobacco. 


Well-groomed. Know what is a pedicure, manicure, do face and do hair, silky skin, how to take care of yourself in a proper way.  


Dress code. Always Neat/fresh clothes, lingerie, modern accessories. Know how to dress for the occasion, elegant and classy clothes.   


Education, erudition. All girls speak Russian, if you don't know Russian, our babes keep up a casual conversation in English, the English knowledge from Basic User - Proficient User. Some ladies even speak additional languages.


Health. The basic principles are familiar. Our girls don't offer unprotected play. Most our girls have vaccination against Covid, they can  show you vaccination pass in case you worry about.